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Water... Good for Diet and also a DIET-Program..


I bet you all know that water is very recomended in every DIET-program, as a matter of fact in our life. Our body contains more than 90% of water and that's why we need water every day...

Water can also be a good help or friend for you, who are in the middle of your diet.. And you know what, Water is also a diet program, it's called Water-Diet..

You know what, I even read an article that says Beyonce even did this DIET... Hmmm...

How we do it?? These are the infos that I found from the internet..

1. You have to drink 8 glass / 64 ounces / 2 Litre of water every day.

2. The water is better be cold, 50 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. But do NOT add ICE-Cubes in your water!!

3. It must be PURE Water, not flavored, or sweetened, or carbonated!!

How does it work??
I am sure you all believe this would work, right? Yeah.. who would not loss weight with just drinking water, right? ^_* But how does it work in our body? I put here in Points, easier to read, all that I found from the NET...

1. Cool Water absorbs heat from our body. And that is very important to the adjustment of your body's metabolism set-point, to help the burning process of our body fat..

2. As you already know water is known as a carrier in our body, it carries nutrients and minerals throughout our body as it is also for carrying toxins out of our body.

If your body fat reduces itself, water accelerates the release of toxins and fluids from those fat. And if you drink alot of water, the process would happen quicker and smoother.

3. Water-DIET is good to release Belly-FAT!! It is recommended by some websites...

How long should we do it?
There is NOT A single page that write accurately about the time span. It depends on the person itself / you... And a site said also that it may NOT work for every people, so it is better for you to ask your doctor about it, if you want to do the Water-DIET...


Water as a help for Diet People..
Beside a DIET-Program, Water is also one of your way to avoid your hunger or your lust to take snacks... I have some suggestions for you guys..

1. If you have a thing in your tounge, the lust that makes you want to eat something, just take it to the other direction by drinking water.. Drink everytime you feel hungry...

2. To avoid your habit eating too much in every meal, how about couple of minutes before you eat, try to drink one full glass of water.. I believe you won't eat much again, cause you already full..

3. Place water every where in your reach area.. so if you hungry you can reach for your water faster.. ^_*

4. Prepare every morning 2 Litre of water in Bottles (small or BIG, up to you..) for your daily needs.. Make a target that you have to finish up those bottles of water every day.. try not to fail, so if in the evening your bottles are still full, you have to drink them all, and by doing that you won't be hungry anymore.. hehe..

The last one is also a tipp for Water-DIET..

I think I'd also like to try this one.. hehehe.. Well.. Good Luck on your DIET, everyone....

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