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Chewing SLOWLY prevent me to eat too much?

I discuss often about DIET with my friends.. Someday one of my friend suggested me to this thing "chewing slowly every time you eat"..

So, I surf on google, if it is true.. You know what, there are thousands of people wrote about this.. Well then I read couple of them, and start to believe that it might work to help me to loose some weight..

You might be wondering, How does it work?? and How should I do it?? ... Well, here I write what I found from the internet...

How can "chewing slowly" help our DIET??

Normally it would take about 20 minutes until our brain realise that we are full. If we eat too quickly, we filled our stomach with food and would stop eating until we are really full.. And at the end we feel sorry for eating too much.. right??

Most of the food right now are full of MSG(Monosodium Glutamate), it is some kind of food-chemical that can make any food more tastier.. And this can also make us to eat more and more, especially the food at the restaurants. I am 100% sure all of them use MSG in their meal.. Not to forget too much MSG in our body is also not GOD for us..

By eating slowly, we let more saliva created in our mouth. Saliva can help our stomach to take the most amount of nutrients from the food that we eat... So, we are not letting the food to turn fast into FAT..

How sould we do it??

In our time NOW, everything has to be fast, fast-train, fast-plane, fast-food, and some other fast things.. But if you really want to loose some weight, I believe you would at least try this, it is not that hard at all...

1. Seat down at the table every time you eat..
>> It is alot harder to chew slowly if you are standing..

2. Drink water before you eat..
>> It is alot easier to chew if your mouth already in prepare or wet..

3. Take a small bite everytime and chew thoroughly...
>> small bites and slowly chewing.. great combination, you would in half an hour full and not eating too much of food..

4. Put your fork or your spoon down after you take your bite..
>> By doing this, you tell yourself to chew thoroughly everytime you take your bite..

5. Keep yourself busy everytime you chew..
>> Maybe you can talk with your neighbour at the table or your family or the people on the table during meals.. That can make your forget about chewing..

>> Eating by yourself? Suggestion from a friend.. Watching TV or counting your chewing.. My friend said 70-90 chews per bite should be good.. Okay, I think I'll pass this one.. hehe..

6. Drink between your bites..
>> help you to chew for your next bite and faster to make you feel full..

So, are you starting to chew now??


How to stop my Snack Habit??

This has got to STOP!! Don't you guys always say that, after you eat a whole pack chips or one whole bar of chocolate??

Don't be sad.. I do that A LOT too.. I just wish I could say NO to them.. This problem comes not only late at nights, but also sometimes in the classroom, in front of the tv, at the movie, at friends.. Am I right??

Wonder how I can get rid of them.. actually NOW the right time, where I am trying to shape my body.. hehehe..

Here what I found from the net, that I think these are the ones that really fit me.. Maybe these tips can work also on you..

1. Eat more small portion meals per Day than 3 large ones..

** Manage the schedule on your own.. Find recipes or food that can fill your stomach for about 3-4 hours.. **
** try brown bread with cheese, maybe with diet-margarine(NO butter or mayo).. Believe me, I've tried these, they last for couple of hours...**

2. Don't ever skip breakfast

** Breakfast is a good way to keep yourself awake in the morning and keep your stomach also for not longing for a small chocholate bar at 9 **

3. Change the snacks..

** Maybe change chips for carrots or some other green things.. or maybe rice crackers or other crackers, that are not taste too good?? hehe.. **

4. Keep water on your side 24/7..

** Water can keep your stomach full.. but the other hand, you may have to go to the bathroom ofter than you do normally.. **

5. Keep your mouth busy..

** Maybe by chewing gum or back to number 3, keep it busy by eating some other healthy and untasty snacks.. ;<< ** 6. Keep yourself busy..

** At nights maybe you can call your friends, your sister or even your mom.. that would make yourself AT LEAST 1 hour busy.. right..**
** On weekends you can also take them for a window shopping but NO Caffees or Starbucks or McDees... ^_^**

I hope this article help you guys... good luck on your DIET..


How can Green Tea burn FAT ??

I believe you've heard about this theme.. maybe even quite often.. right..

But maybe you wonder...
1. What do actually contain in green tea??
1. How does it work??
2. How should we do it??

Here I found some tips and also some explanation from the internet and from my friends, everything about Green tea.. Maybe I can help your curiosity about Green tea..

What does actually Green Tea contain of??
Green Tea contains amounts of natural caffeine, that is proven to be a good fat burner. Green tea also contains catechins -- catechins can force your body into thermogenesis - this is where your body burns fat for energy.

How does it work??
Here some advantages for us, if we drink Green tea..

1. Green tea increases our metabolism, that means we can burn MORE fat while drinking Green tea...

2. Green tea is also a mild appetite suppressant, that makes us eat less = weight loss..

3. Green tea can also to be the the cause that the carbohydrates in our body are released slowly..

This means, the carbohydrates in our body are not quickly turning in to FAT... That can prevent the Rising of blood-insulin levels and prevent us to be chubby quickly... hehe..

4. Green tea may be also useful as a glucose regulator.

That means, it slows the rise in blood sugar following a meal. It does this by slowing the action of a particular digestive enzyme called amylase. This enzyme is pivotal in the breakdown of starches (carbs), that can cause blood sugar levels to soar following a meal..

5. Green tea also prevents heart disease, cancer, improve cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation and is also a mood enhance...

How should we do it??
Some say that you should begin a day with a large cup of Green tea..

But some also say, if you really want to loss some weight, it is maybe better if you drink several cups a day. Maybe 4 or 5 cups perday??

If you don't like to drink that much of cups daily, maybe you can consider to take some of supplement that contain green tea extract..

Ok.. that can help you to have a little knowledge about Green tea.. Me offcourse too.. ^_*


Yoghurt helps Burning Fat!!

I didn't know about this before. I know that yoghurt is healthy, rich with vitamins, fibers, calcium and lot of other stuffs...

At first I only know that it is better for me to exchange my other unhealthy snacks with yoghurt.. so, just as adding / substitude Snacks...

But also burns fat?? that is so cool, for me at least... Cause Yoghurt is not that expensive, anybody can buy yoghurt everyday, right?? I even saw an article that writes about yoghurt diet..

And now I'd like to collect some usefull infos that I can gain infos and maybe follow as My Diet-Tipps..

Most of the pages are talking about Fat Free Yoghurt.. At the groceries I see alot of 0,1% or 1% or 1,8% Fat Yoghurt, but Fat FREE?? I don't know if those kinds are also included in Fat Free??

How does Yoghurt burn FAT??
Fat free yoghurt helps to increase lipolysis (fat burning), however you need to eat at least 3 servings a day to see results. The high calcium and protein properties make it a great weight loss aid.

A study at the University of Tennessee discovered that those who included fat-free yoghurt as part of their diet plan lost significantly more weight compared to those who simply cut calories.

The yoghurt-eaters lost 22 per cent more weight, 61 per cent more body fat and 81 per cent more stomach fat during the 12-week test. Wow.. sounds pretty much promising...^_^

How about Flavoured Fruit Yoghurt??
Okay, After reading couple of articles.. I know NOW.. The Fat Free Yoghurt that they meant, is the plain one.. pretty much sour and not at all sweet.. tough choice huh? I already tasted one before, not really liked it, and since that I only use them in salad...

Well.. Now the choice is yours and mine then.. hehe.. I think I have to put a lot of thinking in this one.. hehehe..


Is Sugar = Fat ??

Yes.. this is also one of my BIG questions... I am sooo curious about Sugar put together with FAT...

Well, I put here all of my questions about SUGAR and the Answers that I found from the internet..

I hope you can also find what you've been looking for in here.. ^_^

Is SUGAR equal FAT??
The Answer is NO. Sugar actually has a purpose as ENERGY for our body. The problem is, our body only need a certain amount of sugar daily, so if we consum sugar too much, they will be put on the side as "FAT", and will be used later only if our body need them again.

However, the conversion from FAT back into a form "Energy" that can be used to do physical activity is chemically rather slow...

So, How much does our body need SUGAR daily?
It is recommended that we only take 8 teaspoons / 32 grams per day based on a 2000 calories/day DIET.

Watch out.. There are GOOD Sugar and BAD Sugar.. Good ones are normally in fruit, vegetables, and low fat milk. And BAD ones are mostly in market products. Don't forget, snacks, yoghurt, sodas, and juices contain also alot of SUGAR...


Sugar Substitude / Other Sweetened Products... Are these GOOD??
The answer is NO!!

Scientists at Purdue University did some series of experiments, they have proven that animals that ate food with substitude sugar, consumed more calories and gained more weight. And as they continued the experiment, those animals were tended to eat more..

You can find these kinds of sugar substitude in our daily products, for example 0,1% fat yoghurts, diet soda, low calories food products, etc.. Wohoo.. scary,right??

Does brown sugar also has the same effect?
Brown sugar at grocery stores is actually white granulated sugar with added molasses.

The pure unrefined brown sugar contains indeed more amounts of minerals than the white sugar.

So, if you are thinking about the brown sugar at the market, YES, they have the same effect as the white sugar. But the unrefined ones, which is called demerara or muscovado, are actually a good substitude for sugar..

How about mapple syrup or honey? Can we use them as substitude for sugar??
The answer is YES.. But remember, only the pure one... and don't ever think that you can use them as much as you want... They also have daily balances for our body, just like sugar.. It is only that they are healthier than the white refined sugar...

We also have to be carefull, because mapple syrup and honey are less sweet than sugar, sometimes we just don't think about the amount that we add to our drink / food... They can also be the cause for diabetes...

So... I think what we shold do is only to hold our sugar / sweet consume every day... WOW.. it is hard than I thought.. hehe..