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Yoghurt helps Burning Fat!!

I didn't know about this before. I know that yoghurt is healthy, rich with vitamins, fibers, calcium and lot of other stuffs...

At first I only know that it is better for me to exchange my other unhealthy snacks with yoghurt.. so, just as adding / substitude Snacks...

But also burns fat?? that is so cool, for me at least... Cause Yoghurt is not that expensive, anybody can buy yoghurt everyday, right?? I even saw an article that writes about yoghurt diet..

And now I'd like to collect some usefull infos that I can gain infos and maybe follow as My Diet-Tipps..

Most of the pages are talking about Fat Free Yoghurt.. At the groceries I see alot of 0,1% or 1% or 1,8% Fat Yoghurt, but Fat FREE?? I don't know if those kinds are also included in Fat Free??

How does Yoghurt burn FAT??
Fat free yoghurt helps to increase lipolysis (fat burning), however you need to eat at least 3 servings a day to see results. The high calcium and protein properties make it a great weight loss aid.

A study at the University of Tennessee discovered that those who included fat-free yoghurt as part of their diet plan lost significantly more weight compared to those who simply cut calories.

The yoghurt-eaters lost 22 per cent more weight, 61 per cent more body fat and 81 per cent more stomach fat during the 12-week test. Wow.. sounds pretty much promising...^_^

How about Flavoured Fruit Yoghurt??
Okay, After reading couple of articles.. I know NOW.. The Fat Free Yoghurt that they meant, is the plain one.. pretty much sour and not at all sweet.. tough choice huh? I already tasted one before, not really liked it, and since that I only use them in salad...

Well.. Now the choice is yours and mine then.. hehe.. I think I have to put a lot of thinking in this one.. hehehe..


Is Sugar = Fat ??

Yes.. this is also one of my BIG questions... I am sooo curious about Sugar put together with FAT...

Well, I put here all of my questions about SUGAR and the Answers that I found from the internet..

I hope you can also find what you've been looking for in here.. ^_^

Is SUGAR equal FAT??
The Answer is NO. Sugar actually has a purpose as ENERGY for our body. The problem is, our body only need a certain amount of sugar daily, so if we consum sugar too much, they will be put on the side as "FAT", and will be used later only if our body need them again.

However, the conversion from FAT back into a form "Energy" that can be used to do physical activity is chemically rather slow...

So, How much does our body need SUGAR daily?
It is recommended that we only take 8 teaspoons / 32 grams per day based on a 2000 calories/day DIET.

Watch out.. There are GOOD Sugar and BAD Sugar.. Good ones are normally in fruit, vegetables, and low fat milk. And BAD ones are mostly in market products. Don't forget, snacks, yoghurt, sodas, and juices contain also alot of SUGAR...


Sugar Substitude / Other Sweetened Products... Are these GOOD??
The answer is NO!!

Scientists at Purdue University did some series of experiments, they have proven that animals that ate food with substitude sugar, consumed more calories and gained more weight. And as they continued the experiment, those animals were tended to eat more..

You can find these kinds of sugar substitude in our daily products, for example 0,1% fat yoghurts, diet soda, low calories food products, etc.. Wohoo.. scary,right??

Does brown sugar also has the same effect?
Brown sugar at grocery stores is actually white granulated sugar with added molasses.

The pure unrefined brown sugar contains indeed more amounts of minerals than the white sugar.

So, if you are thinking about the brown sugar at the market, YES, they have the same effect as the white sugar. But the unrefined ones, which is called demerara or muscovado, are actually a good substitude for sugar..

How about mapple syrup or honey? Can we use them as substitude for sugar??
The answer is YES.. But remember, only the pure one... and don't ever think that you can use them as much as you want... They also have daily balances for our body, just like sugar.. It is only that they are healthier than the white refined sugar...

We also have to be carefull, because mapple syrup and honey are less sweet than sugar, sometimes we just don't think about the amount that we add to our drink / food... They can also be the cause for diabetes...

So... I think what we shold do is only to hold our sugar / sweet consume every day... WOW.. it is hard than I thought.. hehe..



Water... Good for Diet and also a DIET-Program..


I bet you all know that water is very recomended in every DIET-program, as a matter of fact in our life. Our body contains more than 90% of water and that's why we need water every day...

Water can also be a good help or friend for you, who are in the middle of your diet.. And you know what, Water is also a diet program, it's called Water-Diet..

You know what, I even read an article that says Beyonce even did this DIET... Hmmm...

How we do it?? These are the infos that I found from the internet..

1. You have to drink 8 glass / 64 ounces / 2 Litre of water every day.

2. The water is better be cold, 50 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. But do NOT add ICE-Cubes in your water!!

3. It must be PURE Water, not flavored, or sweetened, or carbonated!!

How does it work??
I am sure you all believe this would work, right? Yeah.. who would not loss weight with just drinking water, right? ^_* But how does it work in our body? I put here in Points, easier to read, all that I found from the NET...

1. Cool Water absorbs heat from our body. And that is very important to the adjustment of your body's metabolism set-point, to help the burning process of our body fat..

2. As you already know water is known as a carrier in our body, it carries nutrients and minerals throughout our body as it is also for carrying toxins out of our body.

If your body fat reduces itself, water accelerates the release of toxins and fluids from those fat. And if you drink alot of water, the process would happen quicker and smoother.

3. Water-DIET is good to release Belly-FAT!! It is recommended by some websites...

How long should we do it?
There is NOT A single page that write accurately about the time span. It depends on the person itself / you... And a site said also that it may NOT work for every people, so it is better for you to ask your doctor about it, if you want to do the Water-DIET...


Water as a help for Diet People..
Beside a DIET-Program, Water is also one of your way to avoid your hunger or your lust to take snacks... I have some suggestions for you guys..

1. If you have a thing in your tounge, the lust that makes you want to eat something, just take it to the other direction by drinking water.. Drink everytime you feel hungry...

2. To avoid your habit eating too much in every meal, how about couple of minutes before you eat, try to drink one full glass of water.. I believe you won't eat much again, cause you already full..

3. Place water every where in your reach area.. so if you hungry you can reach for your water faster.. ^_*

4. Prepare every morning 2 Litre of water in Bottles (small or BIG, up to you..) for your daily needs.. Make a target that you have to finish up those bottles of water every day.. try not to fail, so if in the evening your bottles are still full, you have to drink them all, and by doing that you won't be hungry anymore.. hehe..

The last one is also a tipp for Water-DIET..

I think I'd also like to try this one.. hehehe.. Well.. Good Luck on your DIET, everyone....

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Can Oil help Us in LOOSING Weight??

Hey guys,

you know what.. Oil can help us to burn our body fat and help us in our DIET Programs..
Maybe most of you guys already know about this, I just want to keep this information here, just in case if I want to recheck again, what kinds and what are they for..

I collect again some infos from the internet.. I hope you enjoy reading my blog until now.. And thanks for dropping by..

1. Olive-Oil.

Olive-Oil is one of the "good Fat", as I already mentioned in my fist chapter, its called the unsaturated Fat. Olive Oil is rich in mono-unsaturated fat. They help you burn fat and keeps your cholesterol down.

Just One ounce of extra virgin olive oil contains about 85% of the daily value for monounsaturated fat.

Don't forget to buy the VIRGIN Olive-Oil, this denotes it is unrefinded. Many people take virgin olive oil for breakfast instead of orange juice.. Nice idea..

A study in Japan has proven, with bunch of rats that're being feed with virgin olive oil, and the other with the ordinary olive oil. The rats with virgin olive oil showed the lowest bodyfat, particularly brown fat, and highest concentrations of noradrenalin and adrenaline excretion, a key indicator in burning brown fat.


2. Virgin Coconut oil.

Many people are reporting that comsumption of Virgin Coconut Oil is bringing about Increased energy levels, fewer cravings for CRABS and SWEETS, and a more satisfied of being FULL after meals.

Coconut oil is uni
que in nature with medium chain fatty acids that are also found in human breast milk, with volumes of research showing that it leads to greater metabolism and weight loss.

Some of the people take 3 /4 Teaspoon daily.. And they manage to loss 20 Pounds in 2 Months... Hmm... want to take this a try?

3. Omega 3 Fish Oil

Omega 3 are also the good buddies or included in unsaturated fat. A recent study has proven that by suplementing diet with Omega 3 fish oil would increase the number of fat calories burned in a single day.

Why does Omega 3 Fish Oil make some effect? Its because Omega 3 Fish Oil has 50% Lower INSULIN than the normal Fish Oil. Insulin increases the activity of an enzym known to promote the storage of FAT...

I will add more, if I find some new informations.. ^_*



Food that contain Flour.. Bad idea??

Have you ever heard, Eating food made with flour can make you gain weight?

Can you imagine how many food out there that made with Folur? Pasta / Noodle, Bread, Pancakes, Pizza, Cakes, Tart, etc... How can Flour make us gain weight? Should we absolutely avoid that kinds of food? and How can we manage that?

Well.. I'll try to explain those questions here with the sources that I found from the NET.. I hope you guys're satisfied.. ^_^

Flour is not good for DIET?
The Main Problem comes actually from White Flour. Highly Processed White Flour are missing two most nutritious and fiber-rich parts of the seed; they are the outside bran layer and the germ .

Refined products from white flour stimulate the the highest production of INSULIN, insulin promotes the storage of Fat, would convert into glucose in the body FASTER than white sugar which can lead us to gain weight, and elevated triglyceride levels, which can lead to HEART Disease!!

And should we avoid them?
The Answer is YES.. In fact, it is better to try avoid or reduce these kinds of food for the rest of your life after you reached your goal..

How should we do it?
Try to replace them with Food that contain whole grains or Fruit or Vegetables..
And how is it? How about instead white bread, try to take brown bread or crispbread.

To replace noodle try potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice or oats. There are also Products that support Diets, such as Gluten-Free Pasta, those are nodles with low glucose levels.

Bad News about White Bread!!

Have you wondering why the color of white bread is so white? It is because they chemically bleached the flour. It's just like you bleach your clothes. So when you eat white bread, that means you also eat residual chemical bleach.

You want to know which kinds of them that are often used in food products? They are oxide of nitrogen, chlorine, chloride, nitrosyl and benzoyl proxide.



Our daily food that burn fat...

I'm sure everyone knows how hard it is to loose weight.. and anybody wants usually to see fast result, withouth working too hard, or pushing yourself too much.. right?? hehe..

I want to write here, What kinds of food that help me burn my body fat.. So, if you do any diet program and eat only the kinds of fat burning foods, you can achieve your goal quicker, am I right?

I only want to find informations about easy food, the food that we eat everyday, that really exist in our fridge... Not extra ordinary, where I should especially buy or looking for it. I hate it when things start to be expensive...

Most of people say, the food that burns fat actually Raw food, like vegetables or fruit.. If you cook the raw food, the mineral nutrients & the Fat inside them are changing... There was also a study about fat, they do an experiment with pigs. Half of the pigs are being feed with fried potatoes and half with raw food. And it is true, the pigs that eat fried potatoes every day getting fatter and fatter...


So, here are the infos that I found from the internet.. enjoy...

1. Food with lost of Vitamin C. Vitamin C dilutes Fat and makes it less effective and helps releasing Fat from our Body.

Vegetables ==> Carrot, Brocolli, Asparagus, Zucchini, Celery, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower, Cucumbers, Green Beans, Eggplants, Spinach, Cabbage

Fruits ==> Orange, Grapefruit, Lemons, Tangerines, Peaches

2. Food that contain Calcium. Calcium can boost weight loss by increasing fat breakdown in fat cells.
And you can find them in: Yoghurt, Milk, Cheese.

3. Food with High Protein.. Taking more High Protein could boost your metabolism, burn more Fat and build more your lean mucle tissue. The Food with High Protein are Fish, Leam Meats, Poultry, Sojaproducts (Tofu, milk, yoghurt), etc...

4. Foods that containing Chilli / Hot Foods.
Chillies contain capsaicin that helps in increasing the metabolism.
What are they? Red Chillies, Pepperoni, Tobasco, Cheyenne pepper, Peppers etc..

5. Spices..

a. Ginger. Ginger is a vasodilator, meaning it expands the blood vessels and increases body heat and metabolism by 20%.

b. Garlic. Garlic is a natural antibiotic, a blood sugar regulator, and also works like a thermogenic in the body. It boosts metabolism and keeps insulin levels low to maximize fat burning.

c. Cinnamon. Cinnamon helps your body to metabolize sugar 20 times faster and lower your body’s blood-sugar levels.

d. Onion. Onions are a natural source of chromium, a nutrient that improves insulin efficiency and keeps blood sugar stable. This then helps to eliminate blood sugar crashes and subsequent snacking. Oniones also may add to your overall sense of flavor in your meal and keep you from overeating.

e. Parsley. Parsley can stimulate the circulatory system, increase energy and fight water retention.

Okay... Now have fun explore your mind into ideas in mixing all those food, cook them, and make them delicious... Guten Appetit... ^_*



How to motivate yourself to begin to loose weight...

I've read an article, that says that one of the reasons that it is hard for you to lose weight is YOUR ATTITUDE. It is the "I can do it TOMORROW"-Attitude, which I admit it, it is also one of my bad habit inside me.

I want to give you some tips that I use on me to move my motivation and bring my body to start to think about LOSING Weight NOW !!.

I write here in Points, maybe any of these could help you out the
re, who are also hard to motivate yourself like me...

1. Write your GOAL

  • Write down your TARGET weight,
  • the more specific more better, for example; in 3 Months, or until Christmas 2008.
  • Write it BIG and HIGHLIGHT it !!

2. Write a LIST the THINGs that you want to AVOID during your DIET

  • For example: DON'T Eat chips, junk food(Cheeseburgers, HotDogs, Fries, etc.)
  • Or maybe also: DON'T BUY any Clothes until I lose Weight !!

3. Hang your GOAL or LIST on a wall where you can see it anytime you need it.

  • My suggestion: next to your bed or your desk..
  • The purpose is that it would remind you fast for what you really want and could bring you more motivation.

4. Before your do grocery, write down all the things that you wanted to buy.

  • And DoN'T FORGET to try buying ONLY the things that you wrote at home..

5. Buy ONLY RAW Food

  • What I mean here is really Raw Vegetables, Meat, Onions, Garlic and Stuffs.
  • NOT the "5-10 minutes to Cook"- Products!!
  • This can also help you starting to lose some weight, How?

a. You have to cook if you want to eat, and by cooking you would do exercise.

b. If you want to eat snack, you would find nothing in your fridge..

c. And I believe, you would not have the desire to cook again just for a snack..Right??


6. Cook only a small portion

Why you should do this, cause in every meal you would burn calories.. You know the whole cooking things, the chopping the onions, vegetables, meat, and then fry the food and at the end cleaning the kitchen table. And don't forget after you eat you have to wash the dishes and pans.. Those whole things are equal exercise..
  • So everytime you're hungry, you have to cook.. And if you are not the cook kinda type you won't have the desire to do the whole things again, right? And if you like to cook, then it is also good, cause everytime you cook you'll burn calories by doing it.. >_<

7. Do little exercise where ever you are...

  • For example; while you're watching tv, you could do some hands / foot exercise.
  • You can find the exercises on the internet. Very easy !!
  • If you are inside a mall or a big building with stairs and elevator, choose always the stairs to go to the next floor.
  • Wake up 10 minutes earlier as usual and do some easy exercise, and do it also before you go to bed.

8. DO the 7 Steps without FAIL in about 1-2 Weeks.

  • Those Steps could change you body rhythm little by little, so then if you start your REALLY DIET Program, your body would NOT be shocked and you could easily follow the Program. And there is also a saying, if you want to change one little thing from your life rhythm / one habit of yours the fastest is in two weeks time..
  • After this I would suggest you to find yourself a good DIET program that really fits you....

Read Books, articles or maybe find out websites that offers DIET-Programs. If you like, you can see my blog and look for a program that suits you.

Good Luck.. ^_*



Cleanse your body Before you start DIET!!

Have you heard about this? Maybe some of you haven't.. I also used to NOT know about this, but when I did Trennkost diet, they suggest us to clean our body first before we start the program.

And just now, when I try to collect some infos about it, I found out, it is actually also a DIET-Program, called "Master Cleanse"...

So, Now we're coming to the questions, Is this really important for us? How should we do it? And how long?

Why is this important?
I believe nobody pays real attention to the food everytime they eat, right? Well... Maybe there are some people out there, but 90% I believe NOT.. right?

For example, all the food in the supermarket, can you really sure that they are all clean? That they are all free from the Chemicals? And how about the fruit and the vergetables? Have you tought about the Pesticides? And don't forget the toxin from the medicines, I believe everybody has at least once taken antibiotic in their life, right?

So, we don't know if those strange things left any toxin inside our body, right? That's why this cleansing is somehow important for us, especially before we start our diet..

And it is alot easier to start your diet if you do this cleansing first... I can assure you this..

How we do it?
I don't really know actually about the "Master Cleans"-Diet, I just take some good infos that I really think that is good to write here.. And I add from other programs also, so I hope you don't get confused later reading this further on... ^_^

The "Master Cleans" has one main juice recipe, and that is:
2 tablespoons lemon juice (use only organic lemons),
2 tablespoons grade-B maple syrup,
1/10th teaspoon cayenne pepper,
Mineral water, as much as you want...

Some other profesionals say it also can be any kinds of liquids, such as water broth from real vegetables, not the one from a can or instant products, any kinds of herbal teas, or juices from fresh fruit or vegetables, such as orange-juice, tomato-juice, apple juice or maybe carrot juice...

How long should it be done?
You can do it from 1 until 3 days, depends on your strength.. hehe.. But it is suggested, that the best is to do it 3 days through, and don't break it in the middle!!

What is the schedule?
"The Master Cleanse" Diet use the Lemon Mix-Juice, fresh Orange-juice and water alot for the first whole 3 days. On the second day you can drink fresh real broth at night, in addition to juices and water. And on the third day the broth can be used as a day meal and at night you can eat small portion of fruits / vegetable / salad.

Some other program says You can drink herbal teas, broth water, or mineral water as much as you want in the first day. On the second day you can add your drink collection with the hard stuff like the other juices, such as orange-juice, tomato-juice, apple juice or maybe carrot juice. And on the third day or final day you can eat ONE Banana at night. Remember only ONE Banana!! And then start your diet on the fourth day..

I don't really know what happens on "The Master Cleanse" Diet after the third day. But I think it is possibly the same, like continue eat something that leaning to lose your weight..

Well.. I hope those infos help you somehow.. or maybe give you little courage to your diet... wish you the best.. ^_^



Don't Eat Anyhting at night!! Is this true??

I bet you hear that often, right??
Me too.. but still, kinda confuse about it.. is it true? does it realy work?

Well, now I want to gather some infos about it.. what kinds of question that people use to ask, what are the answers, and what the profs say about it.. maybe some tips also for people that hard to do it..

The questions..

1. Which one is the right one? after 6 pm or 7 pm?
2. Does it really work? what happens in our body exactly?
3. but, does that mean I can eat everything before it?

So, these are the answer that I found in the net.. once again for info, these are all things that I gather from the internet, I am not some professionals.. ^_^

For Question 1:

Which one is right, after 6 or 7 pm? Well I have not found any answer for this one. I think it is for yourself to decide which one is better for you...

A page tells that Every body has a flow, a rhythm it follows to keep itself in balance. This applies to sleeping patterns, eating patterns, etc. Therefore, your body works differently at 9 in the morning than it does at 9 at night. If you eat earlier, your body has more time and more energy to properly process that food.

For Question 2:

** Some say it is just a myth, because some of us, after we are back at home, tired and filled of stress from work or maybe just out of boredom in front of television, usually we kind of spoil our body and mind, let our self eat snacks, sweet stuffs or even take a large meal..
Well.. it is kind of true, isn't it?

So what to do about it? Maybe do something else that can abstract your mind from food. Maybe doing puzzle, gaming, write blogs, reading books, or maybe even do some workouts.. I don't know, whatever works for you...

** Some say it would work, but it is not a method to loss weight quickly and not really good for a long run. Why? If you continue to do this in the long run, it will also notably cause muscle breakdown, which may lead to your fat loss coming to a STOP. You don't want to sabotage yourself in the long run. Your body does not like trickery and with every wild thing you throw at it, be prepared to feel the homeostatic compensation of your games.

** Some say it is good, because usualy people eat a real meal at night, and because they have more spare time they usually add some dessert to it, and don't forget after that some snack for in front of the TV.. The problem is after they go to bed, their body would not really metabolize the food for energy or fuel for the brain and body. Instead, the food will be stored as body fat.

Then in the morning, they are not hungry for a breakfast thanks to the food last night, go straight to work, and starve them selves for the whole afternoon. At lunch, hungry as hell, grab a large meal, stuffing their bodies with the thought, "Oh, I would not eat anything anymore until later after work, so it's no problem".

Those great meal is roughly equal 10,000 calories, and remember, it's all in just one meal or maybe in just one hour time.. It'll spinn your body and damage the metabolize system inside..
Then it continues again for dinner and on and on.. So, you do the math.. ^_^

This one is also kinda reasonable for me..

For Question 3:
Nope, it is NOT good to eat anything before it, and it is also better NOT to eat carbohydrate foods, like pastas, breads, rice, potatoes, etc. It is recomended to take protein foods, such as chicken, fish, lean beef, or tofu. And on the side make a salad or fried veggies.

Studies show that protein, when eaten earlier in the day, promotes more weight loss in the long run. The timing of your last meal varies depending on what time you go to bed, what time you wake up, etc.

Contrary for this Method...

Some Contra say that it is better to just take small meals every 3 hours. Why? it boosts your energy. Additionally, it lowers your cholesterol, keeps your blood sugar on an even keel and it is the simplest & easiest way to increase or speeding up the body's metabolism– helping your lose weight!!
What kind of food shoud we eat then? Well-balanced and nutritious meals or snacks every three to four hours.

The more you present your body with small amounts of food, the faster it becomes at processing and utilizing this food.

Maybe I would write more about this Method later on... Just check out for my blog..^_^

My Experience and my comment..
I, myself, would personaly try this method.. I have tried this several time and I noticed, this method worked really good but only for certain time. So if I don't eat dinner 3 days in a row, my weight dropped drastically, but at the 4th day, my weight was not dropped like the past 3 days..

But I think I also did something wrong, I skipped the whole dinner thing, so I didn't eat anything at night. And as I remember, it was little bit like hell for me and pretty hard.. hehe.. I guess I would try this time to eat protein meal before 6 pm...

I wish you all good luck with your diet.. ^_*



My Video about "Which Part of my Body could Fat settle a camp?"

And this video is like a summary from my other 2 Blogs, namely "Which Part of my body could Fat be landing" and "Fat in my body part".

Enjoy... I know I am far far a way from perfect, so don't expect something spectacular okay.. ^_*


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My Video about The Meaning of Body Fat..

Yesterday I made 2 Videos from my previous Blogs, Here is the one with "My Curiousity about Body Fat".. It is not something new actually, I just put a lot of pictures together, take the same words from this blog and make it all like a small presentation about The Meaning of Fat...

I love the song by the way.. I take it directly from YouTube... I hope you like it.. hehe..


Top Secret Fat LOSS Secret

I made also a short commercial clip from the "Fat-Secret"..
I took it directly from the site.. ^_*

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