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How can Green Tea burn FAT ??

I believe you've heard about this theme.. maybe even quite often.. right..

But maybe you wonder...
1. What do actually contain in green tea??
1. How does it work??
2. How should we do it??

Here I found some tips and also some explanation from the internet and from my friends, everything about Green tea.. Maybe I can help your curiosity about Green tea..

What does actually Green Tea contain of??
Green Tea contains amounts of natural caffeine, that is proven to be a good fat burner. Green tea also contains catechins -- catechins can force your body into thermogenesis - this is where your body burns fat for energy.

How does it work??
Here some advantages for us, if we drink Green tea..

1. Green tea increases our metabolism, that means we can burn MORE fat while drinking Green tea...

2. Green tea is also a mild appetite suppressant, that makes us eat less = weight loss..

3. Green tea can also to be the the cause that the carbohydrates in our body are released slowly..

This means, the carbohydrates in our body are not quickly turning in to FAT... That can prevent the Rising of blood-insulin levels and prevent us to be chubby quickly... hehe..

4. Green tea may be also useful as a glucose regulator.

That means, it slows the rise in blood sugar following a meal. It does this by slowing the action of a particular digestive enzyme called amylase. This enzyme is pivotal in the breakdown of starches (carbs), that can cause blood sugar levels to soar following a meal..

5. Green tea also prevents heart disease, cancer, improve cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation and is also a mood enhance...

How should we do it??
Some say that you should begin a day with a large cup of Green tea..

But some also say, if you really want to loss some weight, it is maybe better if you drink several cups a day. Maybe 4 or 5 cups perday??

If you don't like to drink that much of cups daily, maybe you can consider to take some of supplement that contain green tea extract..

Ok.. that can help you to have a little knowledge about Green tea.. Me offcourse too.. ^_*

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