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How to motivate yourself to begin to loose weight...

I've read an article, that says that one of the reasons that it is hard for you to lose weight is YOUR ATTITUDE. It is the "I can do it TOMORROW"-Attitude, which I admit it, it is also one of my bad habit inside me.

I want to give you some tips that I use on me to move my motivation and bring my body to start to think about LOSING Weight NOW !!.

I write here in Points, maybe any of these could help you out the
re, who are also hard to motivate yourself like me...

1. Write your GOAL

  • Write down your TARGET weight,
  • the more specific more better, for example; in 3 Months, or until Christmas 2008.
  • Write it BIG and HIGHLIGHT it !!

2. Write a LIST the THINGs that you want to AVOID during your DIET

  • For example: DON'T Eat chips, junk food(Cheeseburgers, HotDogs, Fries, etc.)
  • Or maybe also: DON'T BUY any Clothes until I lose Weight !!

3. Hang your GOAL or LIST on a wall where you can see it anytime you need it.

  • My suggestion: next to your bed or your desk..
  • The purpose is that it would remind you fast for what you really want and could bring you more motivation.

4. Before your do grocery, write down all the things that you wanted to buy.

  • And DoN'T FORGET to try buying ONLY the things that you wrote at home..

5. Buy ONLY RAW Food

  • What I mean here is really Raw Vegetables, Meat, Onions, Garlic and Stuffs.
  • NOT the "5-10 minutes to Cook"- Products!!
  • This can also help you starting to lose some weight, How?

a. You have to cook if you want to eat, and by cooking you would do exercise.

b. If you want to eat snack, you would find nothing in your fridge..

c. And I believe, you would not have the desire to cook again just for a snack..Right??


6. Cook only a small portion

Why you should do this, cause in every meal you would burn calories.. You know the whole cooking things, the chopping the onions, vegetables, meat, and then fry the food and at the end cleaning the kitchen table. And don't forget after you eat you have to wash the dishes and pans.. Those whole things are equal exercise..
  • So everytime you're hungry, you have to cook.. And if you are not the cook kinda type you won't have the desire to do the whole things again, right? And if you like to cook, then it is also good, cause everytime you cook you'll burn calories by doing it.. >_<

7. Do little exercise where ever you are...

  • For example; while you're watching tv, you could do some hands / foot exercise.
  • You can find the exercises on the internet. Very easy !!
  • If you are inside a mall or a big building with stairs and elevator, choose always the stairs to go to the next floor.
  • Wake up 10 minutes earlier as usual and do some easy exercise, and do it also before you go to bed.

8. DO the 7 Steps without FAIL in about 1-2 Weeks.

  • Those Steps could change you body rhythm little by little, so then if you start your REALLY DIET Program, your body would NOT be shocked and you could easily follow the Program. And there is also a saying, if you want to change one little thing from your life rhythm / one habit of yours the fastest is in two weeks time..
  • After this I would suggest you to find yourself a good DIET program that really fits you....

Read Books, articles or maybe find out websites that offers DIET-Programs. If you like, you can see my blog and look for a program that suits you.

Good Luck.. ^_*


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