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Don't Eat Anyhting at night!! Is this true??

I bet you hear that often, right??
Me too.. but still, kinda confuse about it.. is it true? does it realy work?

Well, now I want to gather some infos about it.. what kinds of question that people use to ask, what are the answers, and what the profs say about it.. maybe some tips also for people that hard to do it..

The questions..

1. Which one is the right one? after 6 pm or 7 pm?
2. Does it really work? what happens in our body exactly?
3. but, does that mean I can eat everything before it?

So, these are the answer that I found in the net.. once again for info, these are all things that I gather from the internet, I am not some professionals.. ^_^

For Question 1:

Which one is right, after 6 or 7 pm? Well I have not found any answer for this one. I think it is for yourself to decide which one is better for you...

A page tells that Every body has a flow, a rhythm it follows to keep itself in balance. This applies to sleeping patterns, eating patterns, etc. Therefore, your body works differently at 9 in the morning than it does at 9 at night. If you eat earlier, your body has more time and more energy to properly process that food.

For Question 2:

** Some say it is just a myth, because some of us, after we are back at home, tired and filled of stress from work or maybe just out of boredom in front of television, usually we kind of spoil our body and mind, let our self eat snacks, sweet stuffs or even take a large meal..
Well.. it is kind of true, isn't it?

So what to do about it? Maybe do something else that can abstract your mind from food. Maybe doing puzzle, gaming, write blogs, reading books, or maybe even do some workouts.. I don't know, whatever works for you...

** Some say it would work, but it is not a method to loss weight quickly and not really good for a long run. Why? If you continue to do this in the long run, it will also notably cause muscle breakdown, which may lead to your fat loss coming to a STOP. You don't want to sabotage yourself in the long run. Your body does not like trickery and with every wild thing you throw at it, be prepared to feel the homeostatic compensation of your games.

** Some say it is good, because usualy people eat a real meal at night, and because they have more spare time they usually add some dessert to it, and don't forget after that some snack for in front of the TV.. The problem is after they go to bed, their body would not really metabolize the food for energy or fuel for the brain and body. Instead, the food will be stored as body fat.

Then in the morning, they are not hungry for a breakfast thanks to the food last night, go straight to work, and starve them selves for the whole afternoon. At lunch, hungry as hell, grab a large meal, stuffing their bodies with the thought, "Oh, I would not eat anything anymore until later after work, so it's no problem".

Those great meal is roughly equal 10,000 calories, and remember, it's all in just one meal or maybe in just one hour time.. It'll spinn your body and damage the metabolize system inside..
Then it continues again for dinner and on and on.. So, you do the math.. ^_^

This one is also kinda reasonable for me..

For Question 3:
Nope, it is NOT good to eat anything before it, and it is also better NOT to eat carbohydrate foods, like pastas, breads, rice, potatoes, etc. It is recomended to take protein foods, such as chicken, fish, lean beef, or tofu. And on the side make a salad or fried veggies.

Studies show that protein, when eaten earlier in the day, promotes more weight loss in the long run. The timing of your last meal varies depending on what time you go to bed, what time you wake up, etc.

Contrary for this Method...

Some Contra say that it is better to just take small meals every 3 hours. Why? it boosts your energy. Additionally, it lowers your cholesterol, keeps your blood sugar on an even keel and it is the simplest & easiest way to increase or speeding up the body's metabolism– helping your lose weight!!
What kind of food shoud we eat then? Well-balanced and nutritious meals or snacks every three to four hours.

The more you present your body with small amounts of food, the faster it becomes at processing and utilizing this food.

Maybe I would write more about this Method later on... Just check out for my blog..^_^

My Experience and my comment..
I, myself, would personaly try this method.. I have tried this several time and I noticed, this method worked really good but only for certain time. So if I don't eat dinner 3 days in a row, my weight dropped drastically, but at the 4th day, my weight was not dropped like the past 3 days..

But I think I also did something wrong, I skipped the whole dinner thing, so I didn't eat anything at night. And as I remember, it was little bit like hell for me and pretty hard.. hehe.. I guess I would try this time to eat protein meal before 6 pm...

I wish you all good luck with your diet.. ^_*


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