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Can Oil help Us in LOOSING Weight??

Hey guys,

you know what.. Oil can help us to burn our body fat and help us in our DIET Programs..
Maybe most of you guys already know about this, I just want to keep this information here, just in case if I want to recheck again, what kinds and what are they for..

I collect again some infos from the internet.. I hope you enjoy reading my blog until now.. And thanks for dropping by..

1. Olive-Oil.

Olive-Oil is one of the "good Fat", as I already mentioned in my fist chapter, its called the unsaturated Fat. Olive Oil is rich in mono-unsaturated fat. They help you burn fat and keeps your cholesterol down.

Just One ounce of extra virgin olive oil contains about 85% of the daily value for monounsaturated fat.

Don't forget to buy the VIRGIN Olive-Oil, this denotes it is unrefinded. Many people take virgin olive oil for breakfast instead of orange juice.. Nice idea..

A study in Japan has proven, with bunch of rats that're being feed with virgin olive oil, and the other with the ordinary olive oil. The rats with virgin olive oil showed the lowest bodyfat, particularly brown fat, and highest concentrations of noradrenalin and adrenaline excretion, a key indicator in burning brown fat.


2. Virgin Coconut oil.

Many people are reporting that comsumption of Virgin Coconut Oil is bringing about Increased energy levels, fewer cravings for CRABS and SWEETS, and a more satisfied of being FULL after meals.

Coconut oil is uni
que in nature with medium chain fatty acids that are also found in human breast milk, with volumes of research showing that it leads to greater metabolism and weight loss.

Some of the people take 3 /4 Teaspoon daily.. And they manage to loss 20 Pounds in 2 Months... Hmm... want to take this a try?

3. Omega 3 Fish Oil

Omega 3 are also the good buddies or included in unsaturated fat. A recent study has proven that by suplementing diet with Omega 3 fish oil would increase the number of fat calories burned in a single day.

Why does Omega 3 Fish Oil make some effect? Its because Omega 3 Fish Oil has 50% Lower INSULIN than the normal Fish Oil. Insulin increases the activity of an enzym known to promote the storage of FAT...

I will add more, if I find some new informations.. ^_*


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