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Cleanse your body Before you start DIET!!

Have you heard about this? Maybe some of you haven't.. I also used to NOT know about this, but when I did Trennkost diet, they suggest us to clean our body first before we start the program.

And just now, when I try to collect some infos about it, I found out, it is actually also a DIET-Program, called "Master Cleanse"...

So, Now we're coming to the questions, Is this really important for us? How should we do it? And how long?

Why is this important?
I believe nobody pays real attention to the food everytime they eat, right? Well... Maybe there are some people out there, but 90% I believe NOT.. right?

For example, all the food in the supermarket, can you really sure that they are all clean? That they are all free from the Chemicals? And how about the fruit and the vergetables? Have you tought about the Pesticides? And don't forget the toxin from the medicines, I believe everybody has at least once taken antibiotic in their life, right?

So, we don't know if those strange things left any toxin inside our body, right? That's why this cleansing is somehow important for us, especially before we start our diet..

And it is alot easier to start your diet if you do this cleansing first... I can assure you this..

How we do it?
I don't really know actually about the "Master Cleans"-Diet, I just take some good infos that I really think that is good to write here.. And I add from other programs also, so I hope you don't get confused later reading this further on... ^_^

The "Master Cleans" has one main juice recipe, and that is:
2 tablespoons lemon juice (use only organic lemons),
2 tablespoons grade-B maple syrup,
1/10th teaspoon cayenne pepper,
Mineral water, as much as you want...

Some other profesionals say it also can be any kinds of liquids, such as water broth from real vegetables, not the one from a can or instant products, any kinds of herbal teas, or juices from fresh fruit or vegetables, such as orange-juice, tomato-juice, apple juice or maybe carrot juice...

How long should it be done?
You can do it from 1 until 3 days, depends on your strength.. hehe.. But it is suggested, that the best is to do it 3 days through, and don't break it in the middle!!

What is the schedule?
"The Master Cleanse" Diet use the Lemon Mix-Juice, fresh Orange-juice and water alot for the first whole 3 days. On the second day you can drink fresh real broth at night, in addition to juices and water. And on the third day the broth can be used as a day meal and at night you can eat small portion of fruits / vegetable / salad.

Some other program says You can drink herbal teas, broth water, or mineral water as much as you want in the first day. On the second day you can add your drink collection with the hard stuff like the other juices, such as orange-juice, tomato-juice, apple juice or maybe carrot juice. And on the third day or final day you can eat ONE Banana at night. Remember only ONE Banana!! And then start your diet on the fourth day..

I don't really know what happens on "The Master Cleanse" Diet after the third day. But I think it is possibly the same, like continue eat something that leaning to lose your weight..

Well.. I hope those infos help you somehow.. or maybe give you little courage to your diet... wish you the best.. ^_^


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