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Journal about Fat Bourning Diets...

Hello everyone...

My name is Magda, I am just an ordinary girl with the same girls problem.. Right this moment I am totally not satisfied with my body.. I am a little bit puffy, well I add couple of pounds lately because most of the time I just sit behind my desk..

Couple of years ago I did couple of diets, it worked but I didn't understand really how to keep maintain my ideal weight.. I just trying everything and gambling on everything.. But NOW I really want to know exactly what is actually fat, where is the fat in my body, how to absolutely lose all of it and not gaining weight again.. ever.. hehehe..

So.. starting now I would like to write my journey here and give here my feedback, so I can monitor how am I doing it until I get my dream weight... I hope I wouldn't get bored in the middle and stopp the whole thing... That is my biggest weakness...

So.. wish me luck.. ^_*

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kaene hat gesagt…

Hello Magda,

In the past, I just had the same problem like you do, and I would like to share some of my experiences about diet, weight loss and maintaining our ideal weight. I lost 7 kilos within 3,5 months without skipping my main meal, but totally reducing my bad habit of cookies, cakes, and chips. But there are still some of things we have to do for it.
To lose weight is easier than to maintain it, but the most difficult is to shape our body to be slim and gaining some muscles. All of those are correlate with each other.
The keys are have a balance diet containing less saturated fat, intense work out, and adequate on time sleep. unproperly sleep can worst your metabolism, and the purpose for INTENSE work out is to build body muscles, one of the ability of the body muscles, it can boost our body's need of daily calories.
Without these 3 things on hand, the problem might still not be solved.
Don't skip your dinner, but instead of taking protein, better take 1 banana or potato with stir fried vegetables.
The reason is, to burn protein, our body must produce enzymes for it, but at night, it might be that our body could not produce adequate enzyms anymore because of tiredness, and the effect would be that it stores the food left changing to body fat or calories that hard to be burned in the future. Unlike carbohydrate, it can be burned immediately by the body, but once again take the good n low calories content carbohydrate such as whether a potato or a banana, or one palm of brown reis, or 1-2 slice/s of brown wheat bread, plus cooked vegetables.

Good Luck, Magda. I hope, the information could be helpful 4 U.

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