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My Curiousity about Body Fat...

In my first step I want to know more about Fat.. What is actually Fat? And where is the fat actually in my body.. are they just every where? What kind of fat are there actually.. In elementary school we learned about good fat and bad fat, right.. And I want to know more which one is good and which one is the bad one..

After reading those pages it is not that easy to really understand about FAT.. hehe.. They use some words that're really strange, that I don't understand the meaning at all..
Okay.. this is what I get...

What is Fat?

1. Fats come from our food.

2. Fats actual job / purpose is as energy source for our muscles.

3. Fats can be SOLID or LIQUID - depends on the temperature

4. There are 2 kinds of Fats - Saturated and Unsaturated.

a. Saturated is the BAD boys..

==> This Fat is SOLID - is found in animal products (fatty cuts of meats, the skin, milk products, etc)
==> Too much of this can caused HEART-Disease or High COLESTEROL..

==> This may not yet sound so scary... But remember these fats can also be found in BUTTER, CHEESE, Cakes, Biscuits, Crisps, Pastries, and alot more.. Now that is scary.. right...


b. Unsaturated are the GOOD ones..

==> This one is usually LIQUID at room temperature - can be found in vegetable oils (soyabean-oil, sunflower-oil, olive-oil, etc)
==> DON'T Forget the VERY good one from these fellow can be found in FISH !! It is known as omega-3-polyunsaturated fatty acid ...

==> And this good friend can also save us for example such as heart disease or skin diseases..


How much Fat should I eat every day?

What I found from the sites, we should eat FAT only 33 - 35% of our daily calories..

And.. What that means? How many is that?? How many calories should I actually eat daily??

Normal people eat daily 1500 - 2000 calories daily.. So if we eat 2000 calories, the precentage for FAT would be around 73 grams, and for 1500 calories would 55 grams.

Now if you want it accurate, you should pay attention for the number of grams on every product and calculate each day from what you eat.. Wohooo.. sounds complicated huh...

Want to see something nasty??

Here are some pictures FATs in our body... Hope after see this you have great motivation in losing some weight with me together.. hehe...

See you again in my next report... ^_*



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