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Which part of my body could FAT be landing?

After knowing the whole thing about Fat, the meaning about it, where it comes, and how it looks like.. Now I want to know in which part of body would Fat take a "settle down".. I hope with knowing this I could maybe prevent the "Fat Settling" for the future...

And these things what I found and translate it in my language..

Fats like only to settle in certain parts of our body, and the places are different for woman and man..
For WOMeN Fats like to settle down mostly in stomach, buttocks, hips, and thighs. And for MEN they like to stay mostly in the belly and waist.

I made view sketches so it would be clearer to see for everyone.

For WOMEN...

For MEN...

Because Fats in men concentrate in only one BIG area so I just show you guys what it looks like when the Fats already begin to stay a camp... ^_*

And just for Fun I have this GREAT Picture to show you guys... I believe this would be the ideal dream for guys and also for girls... hahaha... I hope you enjoy this one, just like I do...

I found a Site that shows a BIG Story about Fat.. A doctor in that site wants tell us the real story about FAT, the actual reason why we are overweight.. It kinda interesting..

It is a long page with many pictures, and the pictures are so real and kinda scary in my point of view.
.. She puts couple of pictures in medicine point of view, that means this site is really serious..

Check it out if you want to...


In my next journal I want to write about the cause of each Fat-Settling that I write here.. See you again in my next blog..

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