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Yoghurt helps Burning Fat!!

I didn't know about this before. I know that yoghurt is healthy, rich with vitamins, fibers, calcium and lot of other stuffs...

At first I only know that it is better for me to exchange my other unhealthy snacks with yoghurt.. so, just as adding / substitude Snacks...

But also burns fat?? that is so cool, for me at least... Cause Yoghurt is not that expensive, anybody can buy yoghurt everyday, right?? I even saw an article that writes about yoghurt diet..

And now I'd like to collect some usefull infos that I can gain infos and maybe follow as My Diet-Tipps..

Most of the pages are talking about Fat Free Yoghurt.. At the groceries I see alot of 0,1% or 1% or 1,8% Fat Yoghurt, but Fat FREE?? I don't know if those kinds are also included in Fat Free??

How does Yoghurt burn FAT??
Fat free yoghurt helps to increase lipolysis (fat burning), however you need to eat at least 3 servings a day to see results. The high calcium and protein properties make it a great weight loss aid.

A study at the University of Tennessee discovered that those who included fat-free yoghurt as part of their diet plan lost significantly more weight compared to those who simply cut calories.

The yoghurt-eaters lost 22 per cent more weight, 61 per cent more body fat and 81 per cent more stomach fat during the 12-week test. Wow.. sounds pretty much promising...^_^

How about Flavoured Fruit Yoghurt??
Okay, After reading couple of articles.. I know NOW.. The Fat Free Yoghurt that they meant, is the plain one.. pretty much sour and not at all sweet.. tough choice huh? I already tasted one before, not really liked it, and since that I only use them in salad...

Well.. Now the choice is yours and mine then.. hehe.. I think I have to put a lot of thinking in this one.. hehehe..


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