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Chewing SLOWLY prevent me to eat too much?

I discuss often about DIET with my friends.. Someday one of my friend suggested me to this thing "chewing slowly every time you eat"..

So, I surf on google, if it is true.. You know what, there are thousands of people wrote about this.. Well then I read couple of them, and start to believe that it might work to help me to loose some weight..

You might be wondering, How does it work?? and How should I do it?? ... Well, here I write what I found from the internet...

How can "chewing slowly" help our DIET??

Normally it would take about 20 minutes until our brain realise that we are full. If we eat too quickly, we filled our stomach with food and would stop eating until we are really full.. And at the end we feel sorry for eating too much.. right??

Most of the food right now are full of MSG(Monosodium Glutamate), it is some kind of food-chemical that can make any food more tastier.. And this can also make us to eat more and more, especially the food at the restaurants. I am 100% sure all of them use MSG in their meal.. Not to forget too much MSG in our body is also not GOD for us..

By eating slowly, we let more saliva created in our mouth. Saliva can help our stomach to take the most amount of nutrients from the food that we eat... So, we are not letting the food to turn fast into FAT..

How sould we do it??

In our time NOW, everything has to be fast, fast-train, fast-plane, fast-food, and some other fast things.. But if you really want to loose some weight, I believe you would at least try this, it is not that hard at all...

1. Seat down at the table every time you eat..
>> It is alot harder to chew slowly if you are standing..

2. Drink water before you eat..
>> It is alot easier to chew if your mouth already in prepare or wet..

3. Take a small bite everytime and chew thoroughly...
>> small bites and slowly chewing.. great combination, you would in half an hour full and not eating too much of food..

4. Put your fork or your spoon down after you take your bite..
>> By doing this, you tell yourself to chew thoroughly everytime you take your bite..

5. Keep yourself busy everytime you chew..
>> Maybe you can talk with your neighbour at the table or your family or the people on the table during meals.. That can make your forget about chewing..

>> Eating by yourself? Suggestion from a friend.. Watching TV or counting your chewing.. My friend said 70-90 chews per bite should be good.. Okay, I think I'll pass this one.. hehe..

6. Drink between your bites..
>> help you to chew for your next bite and faster to make you feel full..

So, are you starting to chew now??


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