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How to stop my Snack Habit??

This has got to STOP!! Don't you guys always say that, after you eat a whole pack chips or one whole bar of chocolate??

Don't be sad.. I do that A LOT too.. I just wish I could say NO to them.. This problem comes not only late at nights, but also sometimes in the classroom, in front of the tv, at the movie, at friends.. Am I right??

Wonder how I can get rid of them.. actually NOW the right time, where I am trying to shape my body.. hehehe..

Here what I found from the net, that I think these are the ones that really fit me.. Maybe these tips can work also on you..

1. Eat more small portion meals per Day than 3 large ones..

** Manage the schedule on your own.. Find recipes or food that can fill your stomach for about 3-4 hours.. **
** try brown bread with cheese, maybe with diet-margarine(NO butter or mayo).. Believe me, I've tried these, they last for couple of hours...**

2. Don't ever skip breakfast

** Breakfast is a good way to keep yourself awake in the morning and keep your stomach also for not longing for a small chocholate bar at 9 **

3. Change the snacks..

** Maybe change chips for carrots or some other green things.. or maybe rice crackers or other crackers, that are not taste too good?? hehe.. **

4. Keep water on your side 24/7..

** Water can keep your stomach full.. but the other hand, you may have to go to the bathroom ofter than you do normally.. **

5. Keep your mouth busy..

** Maybe by chewing gum or back to number 3, keep it busy by eating some other healthy and untasty snacks.. ;<< ** 6. Keep yourself busy..

** At nights maybe you can call your friends, your sister or even your mom.. that would make yourself AT LEAST 1 hour busy.. right..**
** On weekends you can also take them for a window shopping but NO Caffees or Starbucks or McDees... ^_^**

I hope this article help you guys... good luck on your DIET..

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